Mapping the Value of Data Transparency: A Practical Workshop Series



June 12th


September 21st

About the DTL Workshop Series

Data Transparency Lab workshop series

Data trust is the true currency of the digital economy.

Through deliberately designed, and well executed data transparency tactics, you can earn your customers data trust. Data trust will
competitively differentiate your brand.

Learn how at Mapping the Value of Data Transparency: A Practical Workshop Series this September 21st in Barcelona.

The workshop is addressed to decision makers and the people tasked with executing data privacy and innovation initiatives within leading global organizations to facilitate new business opportunities through data transparency to build trustworthy and long-term relationships with consumers.

People are increasingly protective of their personal information. They distrust companies and expect transparency. They want more choice. New regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will force companies to re-think their personal data practices. These regulations that favor customer-centricity are legal requirements but they are also a significant innovation opportunity, with an array of new business models expected to emerge. With this as a backdrop, “Mapping the value of data transparency” has been created to lead to new commercial opportunities.

But how do you contextualize data transparency to your organization? How do you quantify it and how do you decide where to strategically focus? The program will provide attendees with practical tools and leading approaches to data transparency design and business model innovation. They can be acted upon quickly, informing strategy development and execution, helping attendees turn mistrust into trust, and regulation into opportunity. Data transparency can become a competitive advantage.


09:30: Registration: Coffee and network

10:00: Introducing the 3 data transparency ‘plays’

10:45: Evolving your design practice with Data transparency by Design

11:00: Practical Activity: Designing for Value, Meaning and Engagement

12:00: Lunch: Refuel and network

12:30: Learn and earn trust fast with Data Transparency Experiments

12:45: Practical activity: Business model experiments

13:30: Making decisions and taking action

14:00: Here’s what you can do now

14:15: Wrap up and close


The entrance includes the access to the workshop, a copy of the book “Designing for trust” and catering services (Coffee break & Lunch)

Previous editions: London Workshop

At our London workshop participants from organisations like Telefonica and the GSMA were guided through practical Data Transparency by Design approaches. These approaches are not just timely given the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), they’re proving to provide competitive advantage by increasing a brands trustworthiness in the eyes of customers.

Data transparency is succinctly communicating what data you intend to use, along with when, how, where, why and with whom you intend to use it, so the people you serve as customers are informed, empowered and capable of making a choice.

Data Transparency by Design is a set of principles and practices that embed data transparency into every stage of the product, service and experience design process so the people you serve as customers are informed, empowered and capable of making a choice.

The workshop was led by >X, creators of Data Transparency by Design.

During the workshop >X facilitators guided participants through Data Transparency Experience Mapping and Data Transparency Business Model Experiments. These approaches and supporting tools give organisations the ability to quickly and effectively learn about the impact of trust and transparency, frame design hypotheses, put them to the test, and make decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data.

Attendees walked away from the half day workshop equipped with new tools and approaches. These tools have since been put to use attendees.

This workshop is for people who want to take action now. It’s for people who value ethical data models. It’s for people who think that the GDPR is more than just a compliance burden. It’s for the people who want to innovate and create competitive advantage through customer-centric, trust-based models.

50% of consumers are willing to pay a premium to the brands they trust most. Don’t wait for your competitors to be

About >X

Greater Than Experience

>X, Greater than Experience, offers research, design and strategic advisory services that help brands quantify and optimise the Value, Meaning and Engagement of the products and services they release to market. Through a proprietary design methodology, >X delivers valuable, meaningful and engaging human experiences. Experiences that competitively differentiate brand offerings.

>X has been at the forefront of the personal data economy, working with both startups and global brands, to create new business and customer value through transparent data products and services.

Nathan’s Biography

Nathan is a Founding Partner of >X. Market Strategist & Experience Designer.

After his sporting career was ended by injury, Nathan caught the problem-solving bug – badly. He’s since designed value propositions, digital products, and differentiated business models for leading global brands.

Bianca’s Biography

Bianca is a Founding Partner of >X

Bianca’s worn many hats in previous lives, from sales trainer, to Not-for-Profit CEO, to Wildlife Scientist. She now spends her days focused on solving human problems as an Experience Design Lead.

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