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DTL 2017 Program

DTL 2017 Program


Keynote speaker: Isabella de Michelis

Isabella de Michelis – CEO and founder – Ernieapp

Isabella de Michelis is CEO and founder of Ernieapp. In her keynote, she explains how our privacy and our data is being used and monetized by companies without most of us knowing. She uses many examples to explain this issue: We are giving companies our information in exchange of a service, or a product. But companies are the only ones receiving a money from our data. These companies store our information that is then used and monetized. She states that if we did a market study, we would see how there is a very little percentage of people who actually know that they are creating value by giving its data to these companies. In fact, the percentage of people that know why, how and where its data is used, is even smaller.

Isabella de Michelis argues how companies should be more transparent on consumer data usage, and how we, the people, should be enabled to express our consent in a way that the technical implementation of it will follow all the steps through. She explains how we should be able to decide if we want to go back or not to those providers that enable us to express our consent, just as we do in the real economy and the digital economy.

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