DTL 2017


DTL 2017 Grantees.

DTL Grantees 2017


45 projects from 18 different countries were submitted to our Grants Program 2017. After hectic days reviewing all the projects submitted, the DTL Research Committee Chairs, Nikolaos Laoutaris and Claude Castelluccia, announced the projects awarded with a €50,000 grant each. Check all the grants videos below.

A note from the DTL Research Commitee Chairs, Nikolaos Laoutaris and Claude Castelluccia:

All the 45 submissions received were discussed extensively online and 11 of them were further vetted in the live PC meeting. For a proposal to make it as a finalist, it had to describe a novel working end-user software or a collection platform that improves data/algorithm transparency and/or privacy. Proposals got bonus points if they targeted priority areas for this year or if they built constructively upon earlier DTL tools.

9 submissions out of 11 discussed in the PC meeting were presented in no particular order to the DTL board on Friday June 23, 2017. The board selected 6 submissions to fund.

We thank the PC for their hard work in reviewing, extensive online discussions and participating in the PC meeting. We thank the board for their pointed questions and selecting submissions that we all hope will generate transparency software. We thank all the submittees for their time.

We expect the grant awardees to complete their software, make the code and data available, acknowledge the support from DTL, and present their results with a demo at DTL next year.

FA*IR: A tool for fair rankings in search

Speaker: Meike Zehlike - Technische Universität Berlin

Where the Insecure Things Are

Sascha Fahl - Leibniz University of Hannover

Increasing transparency of data by Facebook & partners

Alan Mislove - Northeastern University

What mobile apps can learn from location data

Marco Gramaglia - University Carlos III of Madrid

Exposing Demographic Biases on Social Media

Krishna Gummadi - Max Planck Institute for Software Systems

Research Grants Session Introduction

Nikolaos Laoutaris - DTL Chief Scientist

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