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Finding Waldo in a haystack of informal writing styles

Dirk Hovy (University of Copenhagen); Alan Mislove (Northeastern University); Sune Lehmann (Technical University of Denmark); Tim Baldwin (University of Melbourne)

This project aims to develop an online service that enables users to see how privacy-revealing their Twitter accounts are. The project will bring together world-leading experts in geolocation of informal writing, to provide users feedback on what state-of-the-art predictive models can tell about you, based on what you post on Twitter. The service will:

a) present users with predictions of demographics (gender, age, job, location) if given specific Twitter profiles.

b) enable users to test whether their Twitter accounts can be identified, based on their publicly available or uploaded texts.

The analysis presented to users will also tell them exactly what their personal signatures are, distinguishing between revealing content words (place names, topical words, etc.), dialectal cues, and stylistic variation (e.g., use of creative spelling and emojis).

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