I’m Marco Gramaglia. I’m a postdoc researcher at the University Carlos III of Madrid

How would you define Transparency?
I would define transparency as the capability for the final user of being able to understand what of his data is actually going to be shared with any kind of data owner. It can be information about our web browsing history or about our location or about our preferences. The user should be allowed to control and understand that.

Users should care about data transparency, but I don’t really think they are fully aware about the data they share when they use mobile applications.

Do companies really care about data transparency? And users?
I think there is an increasing growing interest in this field. In this conference, DTL, we’re trying to give an answer to this problem. I think that all the solutions that are being proposed by the grantees of the previous edition of DTL grants are very interesting and they are actually helping to increase the awareness of the transparency. Do companies care about data transparency? I have to say that they are making a step forward in this field. Users should care about data transparency, but I don’t really think that they are fully aware about their data that are going to share when they are using for example mobile applications. So, we should make sure that this information is actually available to the final users and we have to help them to understand the problems related to data transparency.

Which are your current projects involving data privacy and transparency?
Our application helps the user to understand what is going to disclose about his or her location requests. We have seen in this edition of the Data Transparency Lab Conference a lot of applications and solutions for data transparency, ours is focused on location transparency. So, this is just one of the possible solution and I think that unifying them into global overall application could be actually one of the most important things to do.

What do you think of the Data Transparency Lab?
This was my first year attending the conference, but I found it very interesting, the topics and the speakers are very well known in the field, so I really enjoyed participating in this conference and I hope to join also the next year presenting the outcomes of my project.

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