DTL 2016


Speakers DTL 2016.

Speakers DTL 2016

Carlos Rodríguez Cocina

Director for European Regulatory Affairs and Head of Telefónica’s Brussels Office

Carlos Rodríguez holds since September 2016 the position of Director for European Regulatory Affairs and Head of Telefónica’s Brussels Office. In this capacity he gathers with Telefónica’s Business Units in Spain, Germany and the UK to conform the Group’s regulatory position and manages the interaction with the EU institutions and other relevant stakeholders. He is currently representing Telefónica in the Executive Board of ETNO, the Board of Management of the European Internet Forum and the Board of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. He has also been designated as Vice Chair of the Internal Market Committee of Business Europe. He was previously the manager of regulatory affairs of Telefónica Internacional USA, acting as the first permanent representative to the company’s group in Washington D.C. He holds a degree in law from the University of Oviedo, Spain, and a specialization in foreign trade from the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade.

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