DTL 2016


DTL 2016 Hackathon.

DTL 2016 Hackathon

About DTL Hack Day

A 12 hours hack day to work together on building tools that help educating users on the importance of privacy and transparency

The Data Transparency Lab hosted a 12-hours hack day, collocated with DTL 2016 conference. The hack day main topic was “User Education on Privacy and Transparency”. We were looking for ideas to help users understand why they should care about privacy and why they should demand online services to be more transparent.


Apps (mobile app, browser plugin, web site, etc.) that let users understand the privacy implications of actions they do.


We have access to multiple sources of data that could be useful to users, we are looking for ways to create impactful visualizations that raise awareness on privacy/transparency.


Platforms (websites, videos, comics, etc.) that can be used in an innovative way to communicate adequately the need for privacy and transparency.

DTL Hack Day winners

1st Prize

1st Prize – $1600

Project: ReCon by Jaemin Han, Donald Highe, Erika Lam, Carol Lee & Dawa Sherpa

2st Prize

2nd Prize – $1200

Project: We know what you like by Meg Comerford, Alben Kalambukadu

3st Prize

3rd Prize – $600

Project: Facebook – Why am I seeing this ad by Ángel Cuevas, José Gonzalez

Best Social Impact

Best Social Impact – $400

Project: Understanding Privacy Agreements with NLP by Priya Nirmal Singh Khokher

Most creative Hack

Most creative Hack – $400

Project: Data Crack by Hang Do Thi Duc, Lama Shehadeh

Most Technically Challenging Hack

Most Technically Challenging Hack – $400

Project: Facebook – ads visualization (Gilad Penn, Hector Forero, Luis Estevez)

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