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Characterizing tradeoffs between privacy and function

Yogesh Mundada, Nick Feamster & Sarthak Grover (Princeton University)

Personal information loss has been a worrisome issue for both researchers as well as regular users. Even though a lot of research has been done in security as well as privacy community, a personalized solution, addressing problems in both areas, which is useful to end users is missing. In this work, we present Appu, a browser extension, that automatically detects i) sensitive information of the user, ii) whether it is sufficiently secured, and iii) if it is getting leaked to third party domains.

To automatically detect users sensitive information, we developed scripting language to scrape this information from user’s existing accounts. Once the personal information store is populated with this information, Appu monitors user’s interaction with various accounts passively to detect further information spread. Appu also monitors whether any personal information is leaked to third parties. Over time, Appu presents the user a complete picture of personal information spread across the web. Appu also nudges the user to secure important but inadequately protected accounts.

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