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Call for Tools 2018

The deadline to apply for a DTL grant to develop Tools on privacy and transparency ended on September 30th. We have received projects from 17 countries and for the first time participants from Argentina, Colombia, Congo, Peru & Turkey have applied to our call. The members of the jury will evaluate all proposals and announce the winners on November 15th.

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The main purpose of DTL is to support the development of software on data transparency & privacy. With this aim DTL has launched this international funding opportunity to enable startups, companies, entrepreneurs, students, universities and research centers to develop apps, tools, libraries and other forms of software that provide privacy and transparency to users on how their data is being used when they connect to online services: which data is collected, who is collecting that data and how it is used. The aim of this call is to give economic and technical support to develop apps, tools, libraries and other forms of software that explore topics aligned with Data Transparency Lab’s mission.Call for Tools - Data Transparency Lab - DTL2018

Deadline: September 30th


The current call will award €50 000 in total and the number of selected projects will depend on the amounts requested by the applicants that make it to the final. Participants will be able to select the required amount to finalize the project, from €10,000 to €25,000. In addition to the economical prize, the selected projects will get technical support from an advisor from Telefónica with whom the will sign a Schedule of Work to supervise the development of the tool and guarantee the success of the project.

Research Areas

• Detection and analysis of algorithmic bias and discrimination, personal filter-bubbles, societal polarization, etc.
• Detection and analysis of fake news and other manipulation techniques through social and other media.
• Detection and analysis of large-scale censorship/filtering efforts.
• Detection and analysis of anti-competitive practices in online platforms.
• Detection and analysis of large-scale (commercial or governmental) surveillance/monitoring efforts.
• Detection and analysis of geoblocking in e-commerce, content distribution services, etc.
• Detection and analysis of tracking, including advanced finger-printing methods.
• Detection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) leakage.
• Detection and analysis of online behavioral targeting on advertising, search, recommendation, etc.
• Detection and analysis of location tracking.
• Detection and analysis of cross-device/platform tracking.
• Reverse engineering online pricing (e-commerce, spot/surge pricing for cloud, transportation, accommodation, and other services).
• Transparency of physical location where personal data are stored as well as of network paths crossed during transfers.
• Transparency challenges around new crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies.
• Transparency of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms.
• Explainable Artificial Intelligence.
• HCI challenges in demonstrating transparency/privacy/algorithmic bias concepts to user.

Winners Announcement

The selected projects will be announced on November 15th. All proposals will be evaluated by a committee of experts of the industry and media under the coordination of Daniel Coloma, DTL Technical Director. These are the members of the committee confirmed so far: Ángel Cuevas, Visiting Professor at Universidad Carlos III; Elena Poughia, General Manager at Dataconomy; Andrei Sambra, Tech Lead at Qwant; Ashkan Soltani, Independent researcher and technologist and Antonio Guzmán Head of Discovery and Innovation at Aura project in Telefónica.

Call for tools Key Dates

Call for tools Deadline: September 30th, 2018

Winners Announcement: November 15th, 2018

Total amount of the call: €50 000

Amount per prize: €10 000 – €25 000

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