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Conference Sessions

Panel: Discrimination and data ethics

Chair: Simone Fischer-Hübner - Professor in Computer Science, Karlstad University

Usable Transparency in the time of AI and Machine Learning

Chair: Paolo Ciuccarelli - Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano

How to foster the progress of transparecy

Chair: Nozha Boujemaa – Director of the Inria Saclay Ile-de-France research centre

Value creation from data transparency for users and companies

Chair: Nathan Kinch - Founding partner of >X and co-founder of VME.Design

Tools for mobile transparency

Chair: David Choffnes - Assistant professor, Northeastern University

Disruptive approaches in transparency: Implementing Transparency

Chair: Josep Maria Pujol - Chief Scientist, Cliqz

Keynote speaker – Francesca Bria

Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Office, Barcelona City Hall

Keynote Speaker – Isabella de Michelis

CEO and founder – Ernieapp

DTL Grantees 2017

FA*IR: A tool for fair rankings in search

Speaker: Meike Zehlike - Technische Universität Berlin

Where the Insecure Things Are

Sascha Fahl - Leibniz University of Hannover

Increasing transparency of data by Facebook & partners

Alan Mislove - Northeastern University

What mobile apps can learn from location data

Marco Gramaglia - University Carlos III of Madrid

Exposing Demographic Biases on Social Media

Krishna Gummadi - Max Planck Institute for Software Systems

Research Grants Session Introduction

Nikolaos Laoutaris - DTL Chief Scientist

Demo Grants 2016

Intro Demo Grants 2016 – Data Transparency Lab Conference 2017

Nikolaos Laoutaris - DTL Chief Scientist

AdAnalyst: A Tool to Bring Transparency to Targeted Advertising

Oana Goga - Max Planck Institute for Software Systems

AntMonitor: On-Device Network Monitoring for Privacy

Anastasia Shuba - University of California, Irvine

Characterizing Indirect Privacy Leaks in Mobile Apps

Narseo Vallina - ICSI Berkeley / IMDEA

PrivacyMeter: Real-time Privacy Quantification for the Web

Oleksii Starov - Stony Brook University

Detection and Circumvention of Ad-Block Detectors: A New Arms Race on the Web

Speaker: Shitong Zhu - University of California, Riverside

DTL Talks 2017

DTL Talks: Matias Ferrero

Service and Interaction Designer - Fjord

DTL Talks: Paolo Ciuccarelli

Founder & Scientific Director - Density Design Research Lab at Politecnico di Milano

DTL Talks: Ramón Sangüesa

DTL Coordinator

DTL Talks: Lofred Madzou & Judith Herzog

Lofred Madzou & Judith Herzog – Conseil National du Numérique

DTL Talks: Serge Egelman

Research Director of the Usable Security & Privacy Group – ICSI Berkeley

DTL Talks: Marco Gramaglia

Postdoc researcher at University Carlos III of Madrid

DTL Talks: Meike Zehlike

PhD student at the Technical University in Berlin

DTL Talks: Jean-Paul Schmetz

Founder of Cliqz

DTL Talks: David Choffnes

Assistant professor at Northeastern University

DTL Talks: Justin Brookman

Director Consumer Privacy & Technology Policy, Consumers Union

DTL Talks: Arti Ramesh

Assistant professor - State University of New York, Binghamton

DTL Talks: Valérie Peugeot

Digital studies researcher - Social Sciences Lab at Orange

DTL Talks: Nathan Kinch

Founding partner of Greater than X


You can now check the videos of the sessions of DTL Conference 2017 that took place from 11-12th December in Barcelona.

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