DTL 2017


Speakers DTL 2017

Speakers DTL 2017

Matias Ferrero

Matias Ferrero is a Service and Interaction Designer at Fjord Berlin and a co-organizer of the Berlin event of the Global Service Jam. He studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires and has worked in Argentina, Brazil, and Germany. He has been a designer for 10+ years covering various areas of the profession, allowing him to have a broad approach and a flexible methodology.

His focus as a Service and Interaction Designer is in the users of the services he is designing, keeping an eye on his clients and their business opportunities as well. He aims for clients to see what they can do for their customers, by understanding them and themselves. He wants to enable them to make these things happen, and ultimately, to create a future with all perspectives considered.

As part of Fjord, Matias works on projects where data, privacy, and transparency are very relevant issues to tackle and where he brings in the human-centered approach.


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