My name is Matias Ferrero. I come from Fjord Berlin. I’m a service and interaction designer at Fjord and I come from Argentina. We are a service design and innovation agency. For the past four years we’ve been also part of Accenture. So, our role is to design service for big corporates and clients and sometimes also public services.

How would you define Transparency?
I think transparency is being able to reveal and to explain things in a way that is understandable and usable and actionable.

Do companies really care about data transparency? And users?
Companies care about users, maybe not in the way users expect them to care, but they do care about users. And they care more and more about data transparency nowadays, yes. Users care when it affects them or when they know that it affects them. Sometimes they are a little bit ignorant about it or they just neglect it. I think it’s a big awareness problem, so a lot of users don’t know about it and they just don’t think too much about it until it really touches them in some form and it hinders them from doing wanted to do.

What do you think could be the most significant challenges and developments in the field of personal data transparency online?
I think AI, as a topic, is a big thing and the biggest problem there is to expect AI to be objective and neutral. At least that’s my personal opinion. AI in the end is defined or it started by a human and it started by human context and it has human biases and then it evolves, in many different ways, but then the biggest challenge is to be able to make conscious decisions on that first starting point of an AI, on a process, on an algorithm. Because if you don’t make those decisions consciously then it could be very random and very strange the result. And then those bias are exponentially exacerbated by the IA.

What do you think of the data transparency lab?
It has been great. I did not know much about DTL before, to be honest and when I was contacted I was very curious and it has been really, really good, very diverse set of opinions but a very common interest. From my point of view all the scales were considered, from public sector to research and academia and the fact that people like me are here is really a good sign that you’re trying to cover all the spectrums, so I’m very happy.


You can now check the videos of the sessions of DTL Conference 2017 that took place from 11-12th December in Barcelona.

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