DTL 2016


Speakers DTL 2016.

Speakers DTL 2016

Laura Reed

Senior Research Analyst – New America’s Ranking Digital Rights

Laura Reed is a Senior Research Analyst with New America’s Ranking Digital Rights project. She researches and evaluates corporate disclosure by ICT companies of the policies and practices that affect users’ freedom of expression and privacy.

Prior to joining New America, Laura was a research analyst with Data & Society, where she wrote about the role of algorithms in shaping digital media and the public sphere. In addition, Laura spent three years as a research analyst for Freedom on the Net, Freedom House’s annual index of global internet freedom, where she collaborated with local researchers around the world to assess internet users’ access to technology, freedom of expression, and right to privacy.


You can now check the videos of the sessions of DTL Conference 2017 that took place from 11-12th December in Barcelona.

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