DTL 2016


Speakers DTL 2016.

Speakers DTL 2016

Chema Alonso

CDO – Telefónica

Alonso is maybe one of the most prominent names regarding Computer Security and hacking. Alonso works as CDO at Telefónica and former founder and CEO at Eleven Paths, a Telefonica Digital company focused in developing innovative Security Products & Services and General Manager of Global Security Business at the B2B unit of Telefónica Business Solutions. His work at Informática 64 for 14 years resulted in many academic papers regarding security and system’s hacking which have opened new vulnerabilities in systems and applications, about topics as uneven and different as Metadata, LDAP Injection, Blind LDAP Injection, Connection String Parameter Pollution, etc.


You can now check the videos of the sessions of DTL Conference 2017 that took place from 11-12th December in Barcelona.

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