DTL 2016


DTL 2016 Grantees

FDVT: Personal Data Valuation Tool for Facebook Users

Angel Cuevas (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, co-PI), Ruben Cuevas (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, co-PI) Raquel Aparicio (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

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Facebook Data Valuation Tool is a browser plugin that allows users to understand how much money Facebook makes thanks to their online activity. The plugin monitors the ads you are been displayed and the ads in which you click in, and based on Facebook information it estimates the amount of money Facebook makes thanks to them. If you are using Chrome, you can already a version from the Chrome Store . This tool has been developed by Carlos III University, which was awarded with one of the 2015 DTL Grants.


You can now check the videos of the sessions of DTL Conference 2017 that took place from 11-12th December in Barcelona.

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